May 7, 2006

Young Men Deserve Better Treatment

Kathleen Parker writes"In 5 to 15 seconds, a life turns from promising to prison. The moral of Gorman's story, which can't be proved or disproved in this limited space, is that boys and men accused of rape have little hope of reclaiming the life they once knew, regardless of whether they're guilty or innocent."

Certainly the jury should have questioned the "young lady's" truthfulness when they were told that at first she lied about being dragged to the young man's apartment, changing her story when she was told that parking lot cameras might have captured her going into the apartment willingly.

And rape shield laws should not be used to justify suppressing the fact that the "young lady" had a history of crying rape and falsely accusing young men, because she was too drunk/high to know what she was doing.

Unfortunately the young man who had a promising future is in prison and the "young lady" is back partying free to ruin another young man's life.

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