May 29, 2006

Warning You Don't Own the CD You Bought

The attempt to control your use of what you buy has bipartisan support; there should be bipartisan pushback.

May 25, 2006

College & Money

Charlie Mitchell advises to borrow with caution. His advice is timely as Mississippi's college students face tuition hikes. According the the Sun Herald.

The vast majority of the new funding went toward long-overdue pay increases for faculty and staff after higher education had received virtually no increase in support since 2000. The rest went to legislatively earmarked projects like the University of Mississippi Medical Center,student aid, and the Ayers higher education lawsuit settlement, leaving only $4 million to be used for education and general support.

Facing some $12 million in higher fuel costs and with no help coming from the Legislature or Barbour, the College Board dealt with the financial crunch the old-fashioned way - through yet another tuition increase.

May 18, 2006

Young Ladies Have to Much Power to Destroy Young Men's Lives

Rape is a terrible crime. There is no doubt about that. But young ladies are being giving to much power to destroy young men's lives.

If a young lady decides to have sex with someone and her boyfriend finds out about it; she can cry rape. The unfortunate young man goes to prison, and she has the sympathy of her boyfriend.

If a young lady gets mad at her date she can cry rape and off to prison the young man goes.

Before giving young men a life sentence juries should require more then the young lady's word on his guilt or innocence.

May 15, 2006

Teacher Has Lapse of Judgment

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may remember my January 25th, 2006 post Warning Writing May Get You in Trouble. Students were punished for journal entries in a private journal the teacher told them to keep.

Or the March 4th, 2006 post Schools Overstepping Their Bounds, where a student was threatened with expulsion for posting graphic threats on a personal computer in his own home after school hours and other students were suspended merely for viewing his website.

Now we have a High School Teacher who instructed his students to write a muderous essay (for a drafting class no less). According to the principal it was a "lapse of judgment" on the teachers part. Geez, adults are allowed to have lapses of judgment, but children are suppose to know better??????

May 7, 2006

Young Men Deserve Better Treatment

Kathleen Parker writes"In 5 to 15 seconds, a life turns from promising to prison. The moral of Gorman's story, which can't be proved or disproved in this limited space, is that boys and men accused of rape have little hope of reclaiming the life they once knew, regardless of whether they're guilty or innocent."

Certainly the jury should have questioned the "young lady's" truthfulness when they were told that at first she lied about being dragged to the young man's apartment, changing her story when she was told that parking lot cameras might have captured her going into the apartment willingly.

And rape shield laws should not be used to justify suppressing the fact that the "young lady" had a history of crying rape and falsely accusing young men, because she was too drunk/high to know what she was doing.

Unfortunately the young man who had a promising future is in prison and the "young lady" is back partying free to ruin another young man's life.