Apr 10, 2006

Do Schools Have The Right To Force Parents To Medicate Their Children?

I hope and pray this couldn't happen in the U. S., but I wouldn't count on it. Schools seemed to be trying to usurp more and more parental rights.

PETITION FOR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FILED:Please sign the petition for a public investigation!The case of 12-year old Gabriel Lavigueur, who is out of school because his mother refused to put him on psychiatric drugs, has sparked a storm of media and is bringing the eyes of the world to Montreal, Canada. Today, internationally renowned human rights lawyer, Alan Stein, filed a petition with the Quebec Supreme Court seeking approval for a class action lawsuit on behalf of all parents in the province who've been pressured by schools to drug their children. Mr. Stein is the lawyer who won settlements on behalf of Canadian mind control victims. The National Parents Association (NPA) which is responsible for the Lavigueur case, will be calling on the head of government for a full public investigation and direct intervention in the Lavigueur case.Please help. SIGN THE PETITION HERE: http://www.npaquebec.net/index.htmP.S. This is vital to Canada and the United States, as the National Parents Association will be expanding the campaign in both countries.

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