Mar 4, 2006

Schools Overstepping Their Bounds

In Costa Mesa, California, a middle school student faces expulsion for allegedly posting graphic threats against a classmate on the popular Web site, and 20 of his classmates were suspended for viewing the posting, school officials said. Parents however questioned whether the school is overstepping its bounds by disciplining students for actions that occurred on personal computers, at home and after school hours.

While all of us would agree that the student was wrong to post graphic threats on the website, since the students actions took place in HIS HOME, AFTER SCHOOL HOURS and on the FAMILY'S PERSONAL COMPUTER the majority of us would think that it would be up to the child's parents to punish him. Frankly I am not comfortable with the school system having the authority to punish students for actions that take place in their home.

Suspending 20 additional students for merely viewing the website, is ludicrous.

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