Mar 16, 2006

Governor Signs Bill Creating Virtual Public Schools

The Governor has signed a bill, creating Virtual Public Schools in Mississippi. At first blush Virtual Public Schools seem to be the panacea Mississippi's ailing public school system needs. But I have several questions and concerns about Virtual Schools.

  • So far all the Virtual School companies are out of state. Do we really want to send our educational funds out of state?

  • How will Virtual Schools be funded? How will their funding affect traditional public schools?

  • Who will be able to use Virtual Public Schools? Will there be a requirement that a parent be home to supervise Virtual Public School Students?

  • What safeguards will be put in place to ensure that public funds are spent wisely and that the Virtual Schools are delivering the education they promised?

Until these questions are answered to the satisfaction of the Mississippi Taxpayers, maybe we should put the brakes on, take a step back and make sure the legislation enacted is done in the best interest of all Mississippi's children and not as a knee jerk reaction. I encourage all Mississippian's that share my concern about Virtual Schools to call their Senator, Congressmen and the Governor to express their concerns.

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