Feb 24, 2006

Mississippi Looks At Virtual Public Schools

House Bill 1130 authorizes establishment of the Mississippi Virtual Public School Program to offer additional educational resources to students for academic achievement. http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/Extrel/leg/06HouseSenate.html

While some states have wonderful Virtual Public School Programs, other Virtual Public School Programs have generated controversy and angst. Critics claim that the Electronic Classroom Of Tomorrow in Ohio has ignored academic guidelines while operating with questionable accounting practices. And of course there is the question of where the funding will come from, obviously money will be diverted from traditional public schools to fund the virtual public schools.

But perhaps the most troubling aspect to me is the virtual school group
moderated by Carrie Jean Ross of Connections Academy--a for-profit organization that would make some $$$ if this bill goes through. This is NOT a grass roots effort by residents of Mississippi to start virtual public schools in our state, Ms. Ross doesn't even LIVE in Mississippi. The company she works for is currently lobbying our legislature to start a Virtual Public School Program in Mississippi. If their is a genuine need for Virtual Public Schools in our State, shouldn't the push come from residents of Mississippi and not outsiders who have their own agenda?

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