Jul 6, 2005

It seems like more and more these days Government is trying to take away our rights. With the Supreme Courts decision to allow Kelo's home to be taken away from her in the name of progress http://straylight.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/04-108.ZO.html one has to wonder where the "monster" will stop and IF anyone has the backbone to stand up to the government bullies. What does this have to do with mandatory school uniforms in public schools you ask? There were many people who did not see a problem with parents being forced to support public schools through taxes while having their children denied a public school education unless they dressed in a "preppie style". I can now say with full justification 'I TOLD YOU SO!' Once you allow "Government" to take away one right "Government" is all to eager to usurp another.

Of course schools should have dress codes to ensure that students are dressed modestly for school, I don't know of any parent who would disagree with that. But schools do NOT have to and have NO Right TO force students to dress like "preppie clones" in dreary khaki and navy in order for them to attend a PUBLIC school. Mandatory school uniforms are nothing more then a feel good policy to placate the fashion mavens who are not content dressing their own children in a preppie style, they have to dictate to everyone else how they should dress their children. Parents have every right to decide what style and color of clothing best suits their families needs and budget without the "Government" aka "School Boards" sticking their nose in what should be a Parental decision.

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