Jul 17, 2005

Another Stupid Policy
At least due to a number of calls by concerned parents the school board has decided to wait to implement the policy at Kalamazoo Central High School. Unlike the Jackson County School board that forced uniforms on students despite parent protest and a law suite.
Instead of implementing a uniform policy and forcing students to dress like Barbie and Ken clones why don't they.
1. Enforce dress codes.
Jackson county never bothered to enforce it's dress code policy and then used noncompliance with the dress code by a minority of students as justification for implementing uniforms.
2. Teach students to respect one another.
3. Teach Tolerance
4. Ask teachers to set a good example by their attire.
In Jackson County where students are now forced to wear white/navy polo's and khaki/navy dress slacks Teachers are still allowed to wear mini-skirts, blue jeans and T-shirts. Am I the only one that thinks there is something wrong with this?

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