Jul 22, 2017

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His Laughing Girl A BBW- Billionaire Romance

by Ellen Whyte
30,000 words
Self Standing and Complete

     “To being wicked.” His grey eyes were laughing at me. “Together.”
     The pleasant thumping in my knickers became a vigorous pounding. Richard Cummings was gorgeous. I could feel his charm wrapping around me like a warm blanket.
     Irresistible, right? I heard myself quip, “Are you Cumming onto me?”
     He bounced right back, “Absolutely.”
     Oh well, I told myself. It’s just a flirt fest. I have those all the time, and it hardly ever comes to anything. Because of the curves, probably. Men like me, but after we’ve had a laugh, they go to bed with someone skinny.
     This was no different. I’d have a giggle with Richard, enjoy the charm and the good looks, lust after him a little bit, and know it was purely a game. Because tech billionaires with a penchant for A-list models don’t fall for curvy caterers.

Curvy chef Sophie Weston has given up on love. But when she is hired to cater for a very exclusive house party, she falls instantly for handsome tech tycoon Richard Cummings. However, she quickly discovers that Richard has a shady past. Should she trust him or should she walk away before her heart is broken again? A fun uplifting romance with a big beautiful woman and a yummy billionaire.

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Jul 20, 2017

The Lost (Witch & Wizard, #5)

The Lost (Witch & Wizard, #5)The Lost by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darrius leading a team of magical thugs terrorizes  the city, which gives Bloom the excuse he needs to insist those who have magic submit and have it excised from them. In an effort to please his girlfriend, Janine (who doesn't have magic) Whit submits. But without magic he is just a hollow shell, Whit eventually leaves Janine and goes to live in a drain pipe when his parents banish him for giving up his magic.

Now Darrius is free to terrorize the city with his band of desert Horseman, but just when you think things can't get any worse Undead from Shadowland coming pouring from the tunnels that Darrius forced the people of they city to dig. Without the help of her brother Wisty fears she can't stop Darrius, but Aunt Bea saves the day when she finds a way for Wisty to share her powers with Whit.

Together again they face off against Darrius only to discover that he is really Pearce and that he shares his soul with The One Who Is The One. In a final confrontation Pearce stands up to his Father and Bryon Swain sacrifices his life to close the portals and keep The One Who Is The One locked away forever.

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Jul 17, 2017

It's Back!!! GoT - Dragonstone Still No Book

 Still aggravated that we DON'T HAVE THE NEXT BOOK YET.

Loved when Arya Stark posed as Walder Frey and poisoned House Frey. So nice to see the Frey's get what they deserved for the Red Wedding, that was the highlight of the episode. Hope Arya keeps her promise to kill Cersei although I was rather sad that she didn't return to Winterfell. Euron Greyjoy arrives at King's Landing hoping to marry Cersei, and while Cersei turned him down she left the door open, Euron is off to collect a prize for his Queen. 

Bran Stark is now "safe" at The Wall.

Sansa is still acting stupid and tried to undermine Jon Snow. I hope she stops listening to Little Finger and I hope they realize he was the one responsible for Ned's death soon.

Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone.

Sam sends word to Jon that Dragonstone is actually built on a mountain of Dragonstone which they need to defeat the undead. Poor Sam is having a rough time of it as he is being kept from the books that might help him learn the secrets needed to defeat the undead. Sam eventually steals the keys in order to read the books. At the Citadel Sam is pretty much being treated as a slave and forced to perform disgusting task. Sam isn't the only one suffering at The Citadel, Jorah Mormont (glad he isn't dead) is locked away there, he makes a brief appearance when he ask Sam if Daenerys has arrived.

The Hound is riding around with Beric Dondarrion

Brienne is with Sansa, I really wish that the romance with her and Jaime had been allowed to blossom.

Jul 16, 2017

Two From the Heart by James Patterson (Goodreads Author), Frank Costantini, Emily Raymond, Brian Sitts

Two From the HeartTwo From the Heart by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two cute short stories perfect for a lazy summer day. In Tell Me Your Best Story Anne visits people from her past collecting their best stories and discovers her future. In Write Me A Life, a man who can buy anything hires a pretty much unknown book author to write him a life and his "staff" make the manuscript come true until it gets too real.

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Jul 14, 2017

Camino Island by John Grisham (Goodreads Author)

Camino IslandCamino Island by John Grisham
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well I didn't totally hate it, but I didn't really care for it either. BORING is the word that comes to mind.

The crime was hard to care about F. Scott Fitzgerald's handwritten manuscripts that hardly anyone gets to see were stolen from Princeton. Two of the thieves are captured right away, but when they don't check in the other two realize something is wrong. Seeing Trey as a weak link Denny kills him and makes off with the manuscripts.

Aspiring writer loaded down with student loan debt, Mercer agrees to work with a private insurance company to recover the manuscripts that they suspect a bookstore owner (Bruce) on Camino Island has in his possession.

Bruce outwits the FBI and the private investigators and smuggles the manuscripts under their noises to France where a lawyer brokers a deal with Princeton to return them for a princely sum.

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